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According to the demands from customers to design a perfect suit chesterfield sofa with best quality and price.
The good quality frame is made out of kiln-dried hardwood. Kilns are the large ovens with very strictly controlled humidity and temperatures. The process of kiln drying removes all moisture from the wood, enabling it to retain its shape and stability over an extended period.
Foam Pasting
The denser the sitting foam, the longer the sofa will last and retain its comfort and shape.
Leather Sewing
Leather Sewing
Sewing heavy or thining leather skins requires a different approach. A thicker needle shaft minimizes breakage in the repetitive, high-speed impact the needle makes in sewing. Porous, yet durable, animal skins tanned to make leather are deceivingly more durable than one would expect.
Product inspection
The buyer can indicate specific details for the inspector to check before inspection such as the number, process, function, color, size specification or packing details. The inspector does the final inspection with the inspection standard or signed reference sample before the goods are sent for delivery.
To package the product by importing the country's customs requires and best protecting for the product.
Product Manufacturing
Assembling all the parts
We are proud of our excellent quality of chesterfield sofa manufacturer. For ensure the customers and consumers' rights, Artopia chesterfield sofa manufacturer promise: all products offered from our company have 5 years guaranteed for free and maintained all the time. After sale, our service staff will inspect the product usage, guiding the correct method of use, and maintenance of chesterfield sofa.
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