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With the advantage of our factory in China, products from our factory will do their best to meet your needs through consistent process work and strict delivery standards. Whether it is small batch wholesale, OEM services, brand customized incubation, immediately contact our project manager to obtain preferential prices, your idea through our factory.
Customized packaging
As a professional furniture manufacturer, Artopia provides a complete supply chain system for your brand projects. Any furniture including regular packaging and customised packaging, will be provided with brand logo printing service. Artopia help you to make your product ideas into reality.
Consider your brand uniformity
Artopia is concerned about the unity of your brand, so we provides you with LOGO laser service to any place you specify on the Chesterfield sofa.
Packaging logo
Sofa back logo
Customized material option
Customized sponge
Cushion optionality
Color options
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“ Thanks to artopia help to our branded products, it is a very reliable factory to establish a long-term stable cooperation relationship ”
Robort Rete
Robort Rete
A considerate manufacturer for your brand
Artopia designs furniture for your brand
Artopia designs furniture for your brand
Furniture design is a very deep discipline, the final design will consider the cushion comfort for the user, the coordination of movements using the furniture, the center of gravity of the sitting posture and the weight of the cushion. In order to solve this problem, our experienced R&D department combines the design with advanced technology for continuous development.
Artopia produces high quality Chesterfield furniture for your brand
Artopia produces high quality Chesterfield furniture for your brand
Using state-of-the-art equipment and experienced hand craftsmen who can meet the high demands for quantity and quality of Chesterfield sofa, we deliver our products on time. When we consider workplace safety, we follow the 5S standard to optimize every operation on our shop floor for productivity and consistent cleanliness. As a certified factory, we focus on ensuring quality at every step of manufacturing.
High quality Chesterfield sofa standards are important things
Flawless appearance
From Chesterfield sofa size and shape to custom logos, we check each knife to see if they meet your requirements and follow your preferred design.
Consistent quality
We test our Chesterfield sofa for resistance to wear and tear, and every Chesterfield sofa we deliver is designed to last as long as possible.
Correct assembly and packaging
Before packaging, we will check each component for defects, and we will verify that the packaging information is consistent with your order.
Transport stability
We will test the stability of each type of packaging, to ensure that there will be no packaging detachment or product damage during transportation.
Flawless appearance
Consistent quality
Correct assembly and packaging
Transport stability
History of Chesterfield Sofa
Chesterfield sofa is an iconic style of sofa originated in England, characterized by equal height armrests and backrests, classic pull-back design and smooth shape curves.
Chesterfield sofa design concept
The relatively shallow depth scale and low backrest not only restrain the gentleman's sitting posture, but also minimize the wrinkles generated by the contact between clothes and sofa. At the same time and the backrest equal height of the short armrest, so that the gentlemen's arms present the most comfortable and elegant state. The entire backrest and armrests use the rounded shape of the rollover instead of all the angles and decorations.
Elegant and simple curves
The entire sofa does not have a square corner, rounded shape, expression presents the most comfortable and elegant state
Excellent leather
Full leather sofa is so the most high-grade sofa, sofa using uniform fabric, sofa appearance does not seem to have a difference in color and texture
The first chic button
The sofa's quilting, pulling buttons and the demanding requirements for leather make it a perfect choice for the elite and the wealthy
Why cooperate with artopia
Artopia has 15 years of experience in Chesterfield sofa making, from conventional Chesterfield sofa to customizing your own project ideas can be fully realized, benefiting from Artopia's production producers, high volume standardized automatic production equipment, effectively reducing product costs and production efficiency, and supporting individual packaging customization, maintaining the image of your brand
Consider for your brand
For wholesalers, Artopia has hundreds of Chesterfield sofas to suit your ideas, from materials to designs, just contact us and our project managers will get back to you right away with prices and quality products that you will be happy with.
OEM Products
Artopia offers strong OEM services that can build your brand, your wide selection of customized products with our certified factory production facilities and our team's extensive experience can make you competitive in your target market
Drop Shipping
For the sustainability of your brand, Artopia can support the one-for-one model, provided that Artopia is authorized by you and a certain number of contracts are signed.
Artopia Supports Your Products Projects
Design and Development
Artopia offers impressive custom design options - based on your ideas and input, our R&D team is committed to creating a late buy efficient design that will benefit your end users
OEM Service Design
Get the best quality parts and materials for your tools from Artopia for high quality manufacturing, and our OEM services can help you build your brand and grow your business.
Furniture Manufacturing
Artopia has many years of experience in Furniture manufacturing - we have the perfect system for cost control, efficiency improvement, and quality control delivery in our factories
Quality Control
Artopia believes in high quality products for long-term cooperation - we use various quality inspection processes during the production stage to ensure quality
Order Management
Customer service is the top priority of Artopia, our project managers will keep our customers informed of the project progress regularly
Warranty and after-sales
Artopia offers a 3-year warranty on all tooling solutions, because we believe that providing our customers with after-sales service provides longer and more stable cooperation.
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