Design-Obsessed Team and Attitude
Artopia's R&D department hosts a group of designers who have focused on Chesterfield sofa for 20 years. Through our determination towards quality development and results, we dedicate to bringing new products to your brand that perform well in the marketplace. Designs begin with positioning of brand and the user experience, from which we identify your needs and apply our manufacturing knowledge to produce a responsive solution.
R& D Team
R& D Team
Excellent products benefit from excellent design team. Artopia takes every product into consideration from design to production and tries the comfort of the product personally.
Our 7-Day Approach Helping You Stay Ahead of the project
Turn your idea into sketch in 1 day
Turn your idea into sketch in 1 day
Turn your idea into sketch in 1 dayTurn your idea into sketch in 1 day
Consulting - Our easier experts are honest and direct to the point with our advice so that we can make all of your LED light ideas work for your benefit.
Engineering & QuotingEngineering & Quoting
Being transparent in our work, we provide our pricing in detail and explain how we will engineer our knives from the final design.
Mold design and tooling in 3 days
Mold design and tooling in 3 days
Estimating & AnalyzingEstimating & Analyzing
After studying your designs and ideas, we estimate how much effort and time will be spent in order to draft a clear schedule and keep you up to date.
Mold MakingMold Making
Within our injection mold factory, we adjust molds according to precise measurements and create new models for quick production.
Prototyping in 3 days
Prototyping in 3 days
Prototyping & ApprovingPrototyping & Approving
Using 3D technology, we provide a 3D drawing that will be made into a sample for your inspection to see if we have fulfilled your specifications.
Modifying & FinalizingModifying & Finalizing
Our R&D department works with you to test and modify our prototypes so that they fit your requirements and are ready for mass production.
Product Manufacturing
Assembling all the parts
We are proud of our excellent quality of chesterfield sofa manufacturer. For ensure the customers and consumers' rights, Artopia chesterfield sofa manufacturer promise: all products offered from our company have 5 years guaranteed for free and maintained all the time. After sale, our service staff will inspect the product usage, guiding the correct method of use, and maintenance of chesterfield sofa.
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