How to buy a high quality chesterfield sofa

First. Method/step

1, sofa frame production, priming

Sofa frame production. The used wood and composite panels (triple plywood), the current sofa frame is basically used composite panels, the benefits of composite panels easy to process, low cost, not easy to insects not easy to corrosion, high strength characteristics. Wood generally needs to be dried and treated. Material specifications, the general main structure is 2.6 cm thick, and the main structural part of the whole block of solid wood production, polished by double-sided, according to the sofa grade needs plane can be used 0.2-0.4 cm plywood or composite paper.

Sofa seat frame bottoming, using S springs plus small tension springs. Some people will also be rubber bands or black belts used in the seat frame so that the bearing is relatively poor.

Second, cutting

You see the sofa, each face is a board, called the leather board, the leather board will be placed on the cowhide drawing, take care to avoid unqualified leather. A little later start cutting leather. Can also be used to scratch the blade, of course, if the cloth can use electric scissors, you can cut multiple layers at a time.

Sewing, flat car, cut leather, a piece of joint, sewing this process is very important, related to the appearance of a set of sofas craft quality, this machine looks very intimidating, like the Japanese heavy machine.

Third, sofa feet sitting on the color

Staining, staining before spraying color, because the wood also has capillary pores, staining first lets the color eat into the wood when the time to spray up is more beautiful. Spray color, to spray the good-looking, spray "fine work", there are also skills Oh! The older generation said, spray color? Look at the hand gestures and spraying when the spray method, you will know it!

Four, foam bonding

Sofa frame body foam bonding, is seemingly simple, but the sticker is accurate with the inaccuracy, the final leather cover nailing the finished product is not beautiful has a lot to do with it!

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